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How can I collaborate?

How can I collaborate?

The Great Málaga Path is the first route of its kind in Andalusia as it includes all types of landscapes and natural surroundings that can be seen in the province. This varied scenery is united in one route, which promotes natural sites and towns in the Province of Málaga. Hundreds of thousands of hikers have come to this path every year since it was opened in 2015.

Since that moment, plenty of citizens and institutions have shown their interest in working with the County Council in order to contribute to the path’s promotion and spread the news about it.


What kinds of collaboration are there?

There are two main ways of collaboration, which reduce to two projects called ‘Establishments along the Great Málaga Path’ and ‘Friends of the Great Málaga Path’, which has been started recently.

In both cases, there is to fill in the form and write down if you belong to any of the following categories: establishments which offer accommodation, other services or bars and restaurants.

The Great Hiker Certificate can be stamped in the above Establishments, as they are placed at the beginning, along or at the end of thirty-five stages that belong to the Great Path. The establishments must be open on almost all weekdays so the hikers could have their certificates stamped.

The Friends of the Path could be any establishment which is not placed along the path but belongs to the Province of Málaga. This category also includes associations related to hiking or any group, body or company which is interested in spreading the information about the Great Málaga’s Path.

Both kinds of collaborations are volunteer and free, and the participants can benefit from appearing on the Lists of Establishments or Friends at the Great Málaga Path’s website which is visited by thousands of users. The collaborators must check their account at least every six months and see if there are some changes to be added in their file by signing up at the site, or they will be sent an email which informs about the cancelation of their account if the user does not access it. Anyhow, there are rules and conditions established in the section Requirements by the County Council, which must be accepted.

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