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Two Types of Collaborators: Establishments and Friends

Two Types of Collaborators: Establishments and Friends

Establishments along the Great Málaga Path

In February 2016, Málaga County Council created the Great Hiker Certificate, which is meant to award those hikers who completed at least three of thirty-five stages that form the Great Málaga Path. In order to make this possible, it was decided to give a special merit to some establishments dedicated to providing services or accommodation, as well as to some bars and restaurants which are placed at the beginning, along or at the end of the Great Path. The aim was to provide hikers with places where they could stamp their certifications along the path, and at every stage. Moreover, these establishments must remain open on most weekdays in order to make it possible for hikers to validate their certificates for that stage.

These establishments will be given a plate to place it on their facility’s facade so the hikers would know this is the spot where they can obtain the stamp.

The plate as well as the Great Málaga Path promotional merchandise (topoghraphical guide or the climbing and hiking guidebook, leaflets, etc.). should be collected by the person concerned in the Málaga County Council Department of the Environment and the Promotion of Territorial Development. The establishments will be enrolled and included on the web page list after the plate has been placed on their facilities. For that purpose they should send a photo with a plate on the building´s facade.


Friends of the Great Málaga Path

The above proposal was so successful that it was necessary to create a new one. It was called the Friends of The Great Málaga Path. These are the establishments that belong to one of the above industries as well as associations which are in the province but ARE NOT placed along the thirty-five stages of the Great Path. These ‘friends’ are meant to spread the information about the path and, as if they were the path’s ambassadors, participate in its promotion among their clients and acquaintances. 


The Application Form

In order to become the Great Málaga Path Establishment or Friend it is necessary to fill in the form. The County Council will decide which category the application belongs to. This is a voluntary and free action that provides the participants with the possibility to be seen at the Great Málaga Path’s web page, which has thousands of users.

In the case of both categories, certain rules and conditions are to be accepted in the section about Regulations, which were approved by Málaga County Council.