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Find out which stage is for you!

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With a Sea View

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A Route throughout the Province

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Distinguishing Mark: ‘Establishments/Friends along the Great Málaga Path’: Requirements


The Great Málaga Path is a circular route which spreads round the Province of Málaga, and bonds territorial, environmental and cultural variety of the province in one structural unit. This path embraces many different features, such as those associated with the environment, sports and culture, which turns it into a kind of tool that allows assessing local services and products in order to encourage sustainable development of the province.

The following requirements include baselines which the County Council of Málaga takes into consideration when acknowledging an establishment as a part of the Network of Establishments/Friends along the Great Málaga Path, giving merit to the hotels, bars, country hotels, and other companies that provide services along the path and are related to natural surroundings.



Requirements for Obtaining the Distinguishing Mark; ‘Establishments along the Great Málaga Path’.

Every establishment that applies for gaining distinction of ‘Establishments along the Great Málaga Path’ needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Provide its services along the Great Málaga Path (placed at the beginning, along or at the end of any of the 35 stages of the Great Path) and belong to one of the categories established in this document.
  • Meet current regulations which concern the activities carried out by the establishment.
  • Act with good intentions and voluntarily commit themselves to offering transparency, professional and responsible service, and observe the law.
  • Remain open on most weekdays in order to make it possible for hikers to validate their certificates for that stage.
  • Check their account at least every six months and see if there are some changes to be added in their file.
  • They shall carry out their activity by applying economic and social sustainability guidelines. They are meant to look after the cultural heritage, associate with local communities and act for their good. They should also promote sustainable lifestyle by creating profit at local level and by respecting the environment.
  • Improve their knowledge, as well as of their staff, on topics related to the Great Málaga Path.
  • Participate in spreading ideas which promote nature, natural beauty spots and protect the environment in the province. Encourage activities associated to the culture or to the Great Path that exist in each of the towns this trail goes through.
  • Treat customers in a traditionally friendly and warm way and give an excellent customer service.
  • Possess material provided by the County Council about the Great Málaga Path.
  • It is compulsory for establishments to put the plate with the distinguishing mark ‘Establishments along the Great Málaga Path’, which they will be given by the Environmental and Promotion Department, on the front door, entrance or on a noticeable place.
  • Have ready their business stamp and use it to seal the ‘Great Hiker Certificate’ when it is required by visitors who cross the corresponding stage of the Great Path. For this purpose, establishments must respect their opening hours.
  • The Establishments along this path should give an update on activities they supply with at the County Council’s website which will be made in order to promote this type of establishments. This update is to be done at least every six months. The page mustn’t be used for business purposes by the establishments.
  • Participate in popularization and promotion of the distinguishing mark ‘Establishments along the GMP’, look after its reputation and preclude actions that could harm it.



1.  Hotel and Guesthouse
2.  Country Hotel and Apartments
3. Lodging and Hostel
4. Campsite.

Restaurants and Bars:
5. Bar
6. Restaurant

7. Active Tourism Company
8. Companies that supply with activities associated with natural environment.
9. Grocery Stores
10. Associations.



  • The County Council of Málaga shall provide establishments with the plate that has the distinguishing mark ‘Establishments along the Great Málaga Path’. It must be placed on the front door, entrance or on a noticeable spot.
  • Keep a record of businesses that possess the above feature and update it on a regular basis at the official website of the Great Málaga Path.



End of Service
The distinguishing mark or the certificate that permits stamping the corresponding documents will be withdrawn if establishments do not meet the specific requirements according to the above baselines.



Those establishments which aim for getting the distinguishing mark or have already been awarded one have to allow the Environmental and Promotion Department of the County Council of Málaga to check whether they keep meeting the specific requirements which the granted acknowledgment is based on.



You can access the application form at



For more information please contact or visit Environmental and Promotion Department in the County Council of Málaga at the following address:
Delegación de Medio Ambiente y Promoción del Territorio
Diputación de Málaga
c/ Pacífico nº 54
29004 Málaga