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What is ‘The Great Hiker Certificate’?

The ‘Credencial de Gran Senderista’ or The Great Hiker Certificate is a project created by the Environmental and Territory Promotion Department of the County Council of Málaga, which should award hikers who cross at least three out of 35 stages which form the Great Málaga Path (GMP / GSM in Spanish). The award includes diploma that confirms the above mentioned achievement and some promo material associated to the path.

Which are the 35 stages of the Great Málaga Path?

Those you can find at the official web page of the GMP.

How can you obtain the certificate ‘The Great Hiker’, the Certificate’s register number and a stamp at the beginning and the end of the tour?

The Certificate is a brochure that contains several pages with 35 stages of the Great Málaga Path and space for the stamp of the establishments which form part of the official network of establishments on the Greath Path. These can confirm somebody’s presence at the beginning or the end of the stages in towns that these stages go through, as well as the dates of the visit. Moreover, at the end of the document, there is a form which is to be filled in so to get the diploma. This form has a code or a unique register number of the certificate, as well as hiker’s data, their birthplace, date and place where they started the route and the way they did it (on foot, on a bicycle, or on a horse).

The form is to be filled in two possible ways:

1) Onsite

For this purpose, a hiker should go to the Environmental and Territory Promotion Department of the County Council, where they will be provided with the Certificate, the code and the stamp for the first 50 metres of the path.

2) In a digital way

This can be done thanks to the electronic form, which can be obtained by clicking HERE. Once the form is filled in, hikers will receive a unique code by email. This code should be noted at the back of the Certificate that can be obtained at any of the establishments are officially part of the Great Path.

Click HERE to see the establishments which are officially acknowledged as part of the route by the County Council.
When you click on the option ‘Establishments’ at the official website of the path, you will be able to find any of the above establishments by their name, location (area, town or the GMP’s stage) or type (accommodation, bars, restaurants, services, etc.).

How can you obtain stamps at the beginning and end of each stage?

Hikers must show stamps from at least three different stages in order to obtain the Certificate. The stamps can be given by any of the establishments which officially form part of the network of establishments that belong to the Great Málaga Path, and are supposed to prove that hikers have been in towns where the stage in question begins or ends. There are four squares associated to each stage which can be stamped, although it is enough to get stamped two of them by determined establishments in order to obtain the Certificate. Other two squares are optional and correspond to other establishments along the stage, between its beginning and final point.

How can you obtain the Diploma?

The Diploma can be handed in to hikers only at the Environmental and Territory Promotion Department of the County Council. Every diploma has a unique register number which guarantees its exclusive use.