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GR 141 Stage 02 Jimera de Líbar - El Colmenar

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Find out which stage is for you!

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With a Sea View

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A Route throughout the Province

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White Villages and Mountains

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Walk and Get Better

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GR 141 Stage 02 Jimera de Líbar - El Colmenar
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Trail Type Lineal
Distance 24970 m.
Estimated Time 7 h.
Net Head in Metres 1750 m.
Cumulative Elevation Gain 749 m.
Cumulative Elevation Loss 1001 m.
Roughness of environment 2
Net Elevation 2
Route Difficulty 2
Guesthouse 4
Assessment according to MIDE
How to Access
Ways to tour
  • We will pass through a total of 10 wooden gates (locally known as angarillas) that we must remember to close to prevent the cattle from crossing from one ranch to another. We should also have in mind, specially in the rainy seasons, that the track can be a bit uncomfortable to walk through due to the sticky mud in the Dehesa de Jimera and the rest of clayey trails of this section. Also be careful when crossing the different fords, as the river levels can be high because of the rain. Please do not disturb the livestock that graze in the field, specially the cattle. Although cows are gentle animals, they are easily enraged when bothered and may charge at you; should we find any in the middle of the track, we should best make a detour and resume the trail further on. The puente de los Alemanes (Bridge of the Germans), which is 60 metres high, does not currently have any security fences, so we should take precautions, specially if we want to look over the bridge to see the bottomless abyss below. The descent towards the charco del Moro is very steep and slippery, so it is recommendable to use alpenstocks. Up to the scattered houses of Siete Pilas (Benalauría), our track coincides with the itinerary of the GR-249, Gran Senda de Málaga (Great Track of Málaga). As with the first section of the track, Jimera de Líbar, Cañada del Real Tesoro (Estación de Cortes) and El Colmenar (Estación de Gaucín) are all connected by the Algeciras-Ronda railway, which allows us to combine both sections. ADIF-RENFE Information number: 902320320.

  • Characteristics

    Type of Section Length % of total
    Longitud Total 24970
    Asphalt or Cement Sections of the Path 1421 6 %
    Track or Forest Track Sections 13908 56 %
    Footpath Sections 9641 39 %
    Livestock Track Sections 1989 8 %
  • Ways to tour

    On foot, on a horse and on a mountain bike by 65 %. Regarding the kind of transport which can be used along different stages of the path, these are divided in those that can be crossed on foot, on a mountain bike, or on a horse. Nevertheless, there is to know that you can walk along the entire stage when this class of routes is indicated, but if you decide to travel on a mountain bike or horse, there is to check that there are no temporary restrictions or town regulations that do not allow their use at some parts of a stage, and then choose alternative way. We also underline that riding a mountain bike on some stages may include travelling by uneven or steep road surface, which requires some or a lot of effort.
    • On foot
    • On a bicycle
    • On a horse
  • Towns

    Jimera de Líbar

    Where to eat

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    Where to stay

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    Where to eat

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    Where to stay

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Spots along the trail

From the starting position

No. Waypoint Ref. UTM / height Partial Route Distance Partial Route Walking Time
1 GR 141 Etapa 02 Jimera de Líbar - El Colmenar 30S


0 m 0 min.
2 Área recreativa 30S


2100 m 20 min.
3 Balsa de riesgo 30S


2800 m 45 min.
4 Laguna Honda 30S


2600 m 50 min.
5 Siete Pilas 30S


1400 m 35 min.
6 Cruce de carretera 30S


1100 10 min.
7 Cruce arroyo de la Parra 30S


4500 m 1hrs. 10 min.
8 Puente de los Alemanes 30S


5600 m 1hrs. 40 min.
9 Puente colgante 30S


2200 m 1hrs.
10 Llegada a El Colmenar 30S


2600 m 30 min.
11 Llegada a El Colmenar 30S


2600 m 30 min.