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The Costa del Sol goes to ITB Berlin Convention with golf, inland and health tourism in order to promote this destination during low season.

Find out which stage is for you!
Find out which stage is for you!

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With a Sea View

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A Route throughout the Province

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White Villages and Mountains

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Walk and Get Better

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The Costa del Sol goes to ITB Berlin Convention with golf, inland and health tourism in order to promote this destination during low season.

German tourism made €1,252m profit last year in the province.

The Great Challenge is to be fully presented in front of German public at an event which is going to be celebrated at the fair.

This presentation at ITB is a way to sign two promotion agreements with important international groups.

Golf, Inland and Health Tourism are three important pillars of the presentation of The Costa del Sol Tourism at the next - ITB convention in Berlin, the World's Leading Travel Trade Show, from 4th to 8th March.

The above three kind of tourism of the Province of Málaga have become the main weapon in a strategy developed by the Costa del Sol at German convention: the improvement of the seasonal management  in order to achieve a more profitable German demand for this tourist destination.

The Costa del Sol had an outstanding 2013 on German market in 2013, and in 2014 it was able to overcome baseline indicators for tourism: 671,000 passengers at the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport (4.4% increase); 307,499 Germans who stayed at hotels or flats for rent (0.45% increase); and 1,703,367 one night stays at these establishments (0.58% increase).
From an overall perspective, this improvement shows an important increase in German tourists over the last five years: 22% increase in air passengers, 18.2% more visitors to hotels (this is more than the growth of visitors in Andalusia and Spain - 11.4% and 5.2%), and 11.7% increase in overnight stays.

Therefore, the president of the Costa del Sol, Elîas Bendodo, said that the impact that German tourism, its second biggest international market, had on the coast 'is undoubtedly important, as it generated 1,252m euros in 2014.'

He pointed out that Málaga is the second largest province in peninsular Spain after Barcelona, and the fifth in all the national territory (after the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands: las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife) in terms of the number of hotel travellers and one night guests. What is more, every four of ten one-night German guests in Andalusia stay in Málaga.

Outstanding Actions

Malaga's representatives in Berlin are planning a remarkable promotional campaign, the most ambitious one in the history of the Costa del Sol, named 'Always warm' (Siempre cálida), which will be shown on taxis in the capital of Germany. 'This initiative is created for German visitors, who will be able to closely discover the benefits of off-season visits', Mr Bendodo clarified.

Besides this initiative, a meeting with a local company is planned in search of an agreement in the field of health and wellness tourism.

On the other side, the golf tourism on the Costa del Sol is going to be broaden thanks to another important co-operation with the main International Association of Golf Tour Operators, IAGTO.

Another big 2015 inland tourist attraction is going to be the Great Challenge (that includes the Great Málaga Path, the Coastal Path and the path El Caminito del Rey). It is going to be greatly promoted in front of the entire German tourist industry at an event. The inland and nature tourism is becoming a main motivation of German tourists visiting foreign countries.

An Investment of €43,000

The Costa del Sol, which forms part of the Andalusian tourist offer, is going to invest about 43,000 euros in this ITB. This is 76% more than in 2014 due to the campaign 'Always Warm', which is planned to be carried out on taxis in Berlin.

Moreover, some fourty-five businessmen and town councils representatives from the province travel with the Costa del Sol Tourism. Beforehand, the Costa del Sol Tourism organized forty meetings with airlines, tour operators, travel agencies, Spanish tourist offices in Germany and different organizations and institutions from this field, as well as with the companies and institutions that come along.

Direct flights to nine cities...

Currently, from the Costa del Sol there are direct flights to nine German cities (Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Niederrhein and Memmingen) with seven airlines (Air Berlin, Ryaniar, Norwegian, Vueling, Lufthansa, Easyjet and Germanwings).

Most of flights to the Costa del Sol come from Munich (more than 100,000 in 2014), and Hamburg (81,000).

Tourist Profile

Normally, German citizens who come to visit the Costa del Sol stay 9 days and a half and spend an average sum of €1,016.64 (average daily expenses are €61.81).

They normally still work (only 10% of German visitors are retired people), and their average age is 47.7. They normally come with a partner (85%) but not with children (82.5%). They use social networks (60%) and travel with their partner or family. 93% of them come by plane and six of each ten stay at a hotel.

Last year, German travellers gave higher mark to the Costa del Sol: 8.7 points of 10 (in 2013 it was 8.53); and they give special mention to the service and hospitality (9.4), as well as natural environment (9.3), accommodation offer and outings to other areas (8.7 in both cases).

Consequently, their satisfaction is proven by their intention to come back to the Costa del Sol (56.5 %) and their will to recommend the Costa del Sol to their friends or relatives (96%).

Most of German visitors organize and book their journey independently (only 30.5% book package holidays), and 79% of this kind of visitors book on line.

The purpose of more than 90% of these visits is for pleasure, and holidays. German tourists mostly come in order to enjoy the sun and beach (67.4%), because of cultural interests (25%), to go on a quick trip (25%), or to see the inland and nature (19.9%).

Lastly, 60% of German tourists come from Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart (29.6% of them come from the first two cities).