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Find out which stage is for you!

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A Route throughout the Province

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Hotel San Gabriel "Su Casa en Ronda" (Distinguished Establishments)
C/. Marqués de Moctezuma nº 19
29400 - Ronda
  • This unique and noble establishment is ideally situated in the heart of Ronda’s historic centre, with a direct access from its main street.

    This ancient family house, which dates of the 18th century, has been fully refurbished and adapted to be used as a hotel, in 1999.

    As you approach the place, the exterior faèade featuring an imposing stone entry, beautifully crowned by a coat of arms dated to 1736, is particularly interesting. Its walls, as white as a new fallen snow, with wrought iron lattice windows scattered here and there are just a reflection of the town’s lordly character.

    However, the real charm lies beyond the front door, and once inside the grandiosity of this hotel fills the air. The light, cascading through the roof’s skylight, impregnates the atmosphere contrasting with the cosy corners disseminated around this singular house.

    As you stroll along the ground floor, you will find the lobby, a former study where you will still see the old library, which used to host the working books. As you step into the hall you will have the opportunity of admiring all those refined details so characteristic in ancient noble houses: spectacularly comfortable sofas, mesa-camilla (table with a small heater underneath), shining candlesticks, fantastic period-paintings, interesting books, … And as you lift your eyes wooden beams cover the ceiling. Be sure to sample the “sala de juegos” (the game room) as well, where you will find a pool table together with an exclusive chessboard. If you want to see movies, you will find the perfect place to do so in the small dark room specially set for this purpose. Beautifully decorated with movies’ photographs, and featuring a DVD system, you will be able to enjoy your favourite movie seated in the ancient town’s theatre stalls superbly restored to suit the guests’ desires.

    The cafeteria, also on this floor, where you will be able to taste some comforting drinks, is enhanced by splendid details decorating its walls. At last you enter the patio, a small place where the vegetation plays the major role serenaded by the sounds of running water from its fountain thus providing the perfect scenario for a good chat or simply a well-deserved relax in such peaceful atmosphere.

    The establishment also features a small wine cellar winery situated in the hotel’s basement. Again you will marvel at another small museum displaying original showpieces, as the ancient winepress located in the centre of the chimney.

    Back on the main floor, at the entrance of the hotel, you will find the magnificent staircase with its stunning balustrade, worthy of any museum, which leads you to the different rooms. These deserve a special chapter; there are sixteen and each one of them is distinctively decorated, not finding two of them alike. They feature the latest fine personal amenities, but special attention has been paid to maintaining the noble character of the building. Your eyes will hardly believe the beauty of the wooden-carved headboards, the impressive windows, its doors, the furnishings… most of them antique pieces of Ronda’s carving style, which have been beautifully restored.

    Along the corridors, you will find forged elements, which are authentic pieces of art, as well as coloured windows, which remind us of ancient churches’ stained glass windows.

    The hotel is open all year round and due to its ideal location gives you the possibility of performing all kind of cultural activities, visits to the countless monuments of the town of Ronda, tasting the most exquisite local gastronomy or simply touring the neighbouring municipalities.