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Great Malaga Path (GR 249). Alternative Route 6. Stage 2. Montejaque - Cañada del Real Tesoro
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Trail Type Lineal
Location type Sierras Interiores
Distance 22300 m.
Estimated Time 8:00 h.
Starting point Montejaque (O)
Altitude 705 m.
Arrival point Cañada del Real Tesoro (N)
Altitude 355 m.
Net Head in Metres 1320 m.
Cumulative Elevation Gain 465 m.
Cumulative Elevation Loss 855 m.

Blue -Easy

Roughness of environment 2
Guidance along the Itinerary 2
Route Difficulty 2
Guesthouse 4
Assessment according to MIDE
Sistema SIDIF


How to Access
Spots along the trail
Ways to tour
  • Characteristics
    Type of Section Length % of total
    Longitud Total 22300
    Asphalt or Cement Sections of the Path 1300 6 %
    Track or Forest Track Sections 13800 62 %
    Footpath Sections 7200 32 %
  • Point of Interest

    Spots along the trail

    From the starting position
    From the starting position
    No. Waypoint Ref. UTM / height Partial Route Distance
    1 Montejaque. Variante 249.6 Etapa 2 30S

    x=36.7368606915025 y=-5.25130201231065 z=700

    0,0 km
    2 Llano del Almendral 30S

    x=36.7319955018737 y=-5.26308501015912 z=790

    1,3 km
    3 Puerto de los Gulfos 30S

    x=36.7201515534117 y=-5.28154583830105 z=990

    3,6 km
    4 Llano del Pozuelo 30S

    x=36.7070033249536 y=-5.28804096392897 z=910

    5,2 km
    5 Fuente de Cufría 30S

    x=36.6852933541775 y=-5.30149731103329 z=1000

    8,3 km
    6 Fuente de Líbar 30S

    x=36.673532473133 y=-5.32464302317003 z=970

    10,8 km
    7 Cañada de los Machos 30S

    x=36.6574802164518 y=-5.33433960188754 z=975

    13,8 km
    8 Puerto de Líbar 30S

    x=36.6394248026198 y=-5.34274138574243 z=985

    16,1 km
    9 Fuente de Cortes el Viejo 30S

    x=36.6362304804844 y=-5.34018431365948 z=845

    16,8 km
    10 Cortes de la Frontera. Variante 249.6, Etapa 2 30S

    x=36.6198973371423 y=-5.3411996994085 z=625

    19,1 km
    11 Casa de Piedra. Variante 249.6. Etapa 2 30S

    x=36.6062573036608 y=-5.33357679397518 z=395

    21.3 km
    12 Estación de Cortes (N). Variante 249.6. Etapa 2 30S

    x=36.5975363998573 y=-5.33247567542031 z=350

    22,3 km
  • Ways to tour

    • On foot