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Great Sierra de las Nieves Path (GR 243). Stage 7: Istán - Ojén
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Trail Type Lineal
Location type Sierras Interiores
Distance 11100 m.
Estimated Time 5:30 h.
Starting point C/ Villeta (Monda)
Arrival point Camino del Cerezal
Net Head in Metres 1477 m.
Cumulative Elevation Gain 719 m.
Cumulative Elevation Loss 758 m.

Blue -Easy

Roughness of environment 3
Guidance along the Itinerary 3
Route Difficulty 3
Guesthouse 3
Assessment according to MIDE
Sistema SIDIF


How to Access
Spots along the trail
Trails that are linked
Ways to tour
  • Characteristics
    Type of Section Length % of total
    Longitud Total 11100
    Track or Forest Track Sections 3307,8 30 %
    Footpath Sections 7792,2 70 %
  • Point of Interest

    Spots along the trail

    From the starting position
    From the starting position
    No. Waypoint Ref. UTM / height Partial Route Distance
    1 Salida de Istán. Etapa 7. Istán - Ojén. GR-243 Sierra de las Nieves 30S

    x=36.5775404784093 y=-4.94346975101847 z=366

    0,0 km
    2 Puerto de Juan Graja. Etapa 7. Istán - Ojén. GR-243 Sierra de las Nieves 30S

    x=36.5755226481959 y=-4.90036067598121 z=1034

    5,2 km
    3 Cruce Juanar. Etapa 7. Istán - Ojén. GR-243 Sierra de las Nieves 30S

    x=36.5754969963425 y=-4.88323938304091 z=856

    7,6 km
    4 El Cerezal. Etapa 7. Istán - Ojén. GR-243 Sierra de las Nieves 30S

    x=36.5726552717777 y=-4.86332356940136 z=469

    9,8 km
    5 Llegada a Ojén. Etapa 7. Istán - Ojén. GR-243 Sierra de las Nieves 30S

    x=36.5652184500811 y=-4.85816129900421 z=327

    11,1 km
  • Ways to tour

    Regarding the kind of transport which can be used along different stages of the path, these are divided in those that can be crossed on foot, on a mountain bike, or on a horse. Nevertheless, there is to know that you can walk along the entire stage when this class of routes is indicated, but if you decide to travel on a mountain bike or horse, there is to check that there are no temporary restrictions or town regulations that do not allow their use at some parts of a stage, and then choose alternative way. We also underline that riding a mountain bike on some stages may include travelling by uneven or steep road surface, which requires some or a lot of effort.

    • On foot





Environmental Information

Natural Environment
  • Natural Environment


    Mediterranean scrub. Pine woods. Chestnut woods. Cultivated zones.