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Path No 20. Archidona - La Hoz de Marín Ravine (Suitable for families)
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Trail Type Lineal
Distance 5600 m.
Estimated Time 1:45 h.
Starting point Archidona
Altitude 715 m.
Arrival point Archidona
Altitude 715 m.
Net Head in Metres 340 m.
Cumulative Elevation Gain 170 m.
Cumulative Elevation Loss 170 m.
Roughness of environment 2
Guidance along the Itinerary 2
Route Difficulty 2
Guesthouse 2
Assessment according to MIDE


How to Access
Spots along the trail
Ways to tour
  • Characteristics
    Type of Section Length % of total
    Longitud Total 5600
  • Point of Interest

    Spots along the trail

    From the starting position
    From the starting position
    No. Waypoint Ref. UTM / height Partial Route Distance
    1 Inicio de Sendero en Archidona 30S

    x=37.090783766641 y=-4.38832492281017

    0 m
    2 Mirador de la Hoz 30S

    x=37.0889129690388 y=-4.38566926576334

    350 m
    3 Inicio del sendero fluvial 30S

    x=37.0844342315214 y=-4.38481143643116

    450 m
    4 Vega sin cultivar 30S

    x=37.08176809071 y=-4.38233290185792

    400 m
    5 Puente y vado 30S

    x=37.0789453712395 y=-4.38168540939171

    400 m
    6 Punto de fuga 30S

    x=37.0772028938613 y=-4.3803825960681

    200 m
    7 Unión de veredas 30S

    x=37.0743225343587 y=-4.38081408306891

    350 m
    8 Mirador de los pinares 30S

    x=37.0718447863356 y=-4.38227647274061

    450 m
    9 Desvío de la Gran Senda de Málaga 30S

    x=37.0711871950856 y=-4.38224203863558

    200 m
  • Ways to tour

    Regarding the kind of transport which can be used along different stages of the path, these are divided in those that can be crossed on foot, on a mountain bike, or on a horse. Nevertheless, there is to know that you can walk along the entire stage when this class of routes is indicated, but if you decide to travel on a mountain bike or horse, there is to check that there are no temporary restrictions or town regulations that do not allow their use at some parts of a stage, and then choose alternative way. We also underline that riding a mountain bike on some stages may include travelling by uneven or steep road surface, which requires some or a lot of effort.

    • On foot
    • On a bicycle
    • On a horse
    • Family


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Environmental Information

Natural Environment
  • Natural Environment


    The Marín Stream is the most important tributary of the Guadalhorce River in the northern part of the Province of Málaga, and it offers rather spectacular scenery around its riverbed. The word 'hoz' means ravine and sickle in Spanish. The latter one refers to the form of a narrow valley with a shape of an arch, composed by mechanic water erosion which had been affecting the materials that come from the Triassic and the Miocene periods for thousands of years by persistently scraping the most fragile rocks.

    The main rock can be seen among rocky mountain sides in different zones of the gorge, above all, at its halfway point in the south. It composes a breathtaking landscape and an ideal home for animals and plants which are common in rocky areas.

    Some rocks, such as gypsum outcrop, stand out from the mixture of the rocks that exist on this natural beauty spot. It was built by fluted stratum dissolved by water, which is easy to recognize due to its whitish colour.



    Considering how varied the rocks, plant and animal life are on this territory, it is not surprising that people treasure memories of old times and different ways of life and work.

    Although the oldest of the names of the ravine was referring to the big number of deer in the area in the past, due to its closeness to Archidona, it has only recently turned into a lush island. Actually, it today's name, La Hoz de Marín, comes from an old mill, which no longer exists, and it was placed by the stream to take advantage of hydro power.

    The mine of an igneous rock used for docking rails on railway lines can be seen from the viewpoint at the beginning of the path. There are also stone quarry and a cement factory which are no longer in use.



    Thanks to the shade made by lush vegetation, the walk beside the stream is absolutely delightful. The stream is hardly full with water all through the year, but some water pools make the atmosphere cooler in summer.